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November 5, 2008
TNT Hits Under
NEW Ownership

November 11, 2008
Relaunch Begins!
Signup Bonus & Referral Bonus Terms
Please Read Very Carefully!

Signup Bonus Rules & Terms - IMPORTANT!

The Signup Bonus
In order to get the Signup Bonus you must first Surf 100 or more pages to fully activate
your account. Once you have done so, you can then request your Signup Bonus.
Note: Your Account must say "Yes" under Activate before requesting Bonus!

How To Claim Signup Bonuses
To claim your Signup Bonus. Simply click on the "Support" button from the
Navigation bar and open a Support Ticket. Just tell me that you have activated
your account and would like your Free Lifetime Sparkler Upgrade. I will then verify
your claim and if you have indeed surfed 100 or more pages to activate your
account. You will then be Upgraded to a Lifetime Sparkler Pro Membership.

Current Members: If you Signed Up during any other previous Promotions then
you Do Not Qualify.

Referral Bonus Rules & Terms - IMPORTANT!!

When you get a Referral. You will see them by clicking on the Downline Button
located in the Top Navigation bar. When that Referral becomes active you
will see a "Yes" under Active. Your Referral must surf 100 pages or more
before they are fully activated! Once your Referral has surfed at least 100 or
more pages to activate their account. You may then request the Referral Bonus
for that referral that is Active!
Note: It must say " Yes" under Active for that member in your Downline!

Now that I think we have all the important stuff out of the way for now. I think I
will stop taking up your time so you can start surfing, referring, and earning!

Don't Forget....
Free Members Earn 25% Referral Earnings.
PRO Members Earn 55% Referral Earnings.
It Really Does Pay To Go Pro!

NOTE: Offer Page & One Time Offers Do Not Quailify for Commissions.

Once again.. we would like to Thank You all for joining our newest TE!

Happy Surfing, Referring.. and Earning!

Thanks For Your Support and Appreciate Your Business!
Thomas Brown

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